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    Missing months & Last 12 months


      Hello everyone, Please find the attached workbook.


      I need to show missing months entry and last 12 months WRT current month in single calculated field.


      Requirement: As june-18 entry is missing, i have opted for show missing values option and was able to get june-18 data.


      But as we are in Jan-19, need to see the chart from current month -12 months eventhough month entry is not present.


      Example: if we are in Feb-19 , need to show the data from feb-19 till mar-18 without showing month parameter/filter in the view. Every month, month axis should change automatically.




      1) Final output should show 12 months data without month filter in the view and month axis should change automatically when we enter a next month.


      2) if we dont have entry for a particular month in backend, that needs to be present as well in the axis.





      Mahfooj Khan

      Zhouyi Zhang