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    how to get email with student license key reissued


      Hi I applied for tableau student license logging in with student details.  I used my student email address. 

      I have searched my email and cannot see an email from tableau with the product key in any of the folders (inbox, junk). 

      When I try the option to resend the product key, I get the message a product key does not exist for this email address. Please try an alternate email address.

      When I try to apply for a student license using my personal email I get a message saying records show I was issued a student license in past year even though I have not had a tableau student license before (I had 2 week trial before and used tableau for work before)



      Any suggestions on how to get product key resent-the original email is not in my inbox or junk folders, I do not know if I mis-typed student address and I need tableau for my data viz course for next 6 months thanks any help appreciated