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    Tableau Analyst at a Fortune 500 company

    Bob Lee

      Hi there, we are hiring a tableau analyst at a fortune 500 company located in US southeast. US authorization preferred but open to H1B. Please reach out to me directly with resume if you are interested. I will share with you the official link from the Company. My email is bob671lee@gmail.com


      General Responsibilities:

      The Tableau Analyst will leverage data mining techniques and, by partnering with various areas of Marketing and other business areas, develop visualizations and resources to support overall marketing decisions.

      The Analyst will be responsible for working with large sets (Millions of rows) of structured and unstructured data to perform analytics on marketing concepts, create visualizations, and provide actionable insights.

      Tableau will be used in daily operations to disseminate findings to large group of peers as well as senior management. Strong presentation and understanding of business strategy to data visualizations

      Key Responsibilities:

      • Develop, disseminate and present reports on marketing topics including:
        customer and product segments, competitive activity, distribution channel performance,
        market share, and promotion performance.


      • Generate marketing dashboards to measure and monitor KPIs for
        benchmarking of key revenue initiatives and projects.


      • Enhance existing reporting tools on an on-going basis to
        accommodate evolving business needs.


      • Develop and monitor data quality metrics to ensure that
        reporting used to make decisions is both accurate and comprehensive.


      • Conduct investigative research, identify root causes and propose
        long-term solutions to business problems.


      • Track key metrics, identify trends that warrant deeper analysis,
        and advise decision makers of the business implications.


      • Satisfy ad-hoc data requests for internal and external

      Educational Background:

      Bachelor’s Degree required; preferably in Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, Marketing
      Analytics, Engineering, or other related fields. Master's degree strongly

      Professional Experience:

      3-5+ years prior experience in an analytics and/or quantitative marketing
      environment required.


      Strong proficiency in Tableau; comfortable using Table Calculations, Level of
      Detail calculations, embedded queries with multiple table joins.

      Prep experience a plus.

      Proven experience in Big Data environment. Able to query large
      datasets using precise filters and test results for missing or incorrect data.

      Experience with data preparation and cleansing.

      Experience in SQL Server and/or Teradata environments preferred.

      Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office applications; particularly advanced
      Excel functionality including Index/Match, Pivot Tables, and Macros. VBA a