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    Combined Average Monthly Turnover

    Eric Shen

      Hello, I have a question on how I can see the average monthly turnover of all groups. In our business, each group has a given inventory of spaces which are purchased for use each day. The same space can be purchased multiple times in a day.


      I have created a calculated field called Turnover Ratio: [Number of Records]/[Number of Spaces]. This is the ratio of spaces to purchases.


      I then create a level of detail calculation called Turnover by Day: {INCLUDE DAY([Purchased Date]):SUM([Turnover Ratio])}


      I have the following viz which shows the avg daily turnover by month for each group.



      This works fine as long as the Group dimension is a mark. However, when I remove the Group dimension to get the average of all groups, I get the sum of all ratios. I am not sure how I would need to change the LOD to get to the daily average of all ratios? I might just be overlooking something but any ideas are appreciated.