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    Dashboard Background Image with Transparent Graphs

    Michael Nisbet



      I was hoping someone might be able to help me find an easier solution to making a dashboard have a background as a picture and than having transparent sheets on it.


      The solution I have found: How to overlay transparent worksheets onto a dashboard background image in Tableau - YouTube . Though this is very unpractical if I look to update the dashboard at all or for formatting.


      I feel like I should be able to use the transparent feature as shown here: Express your data artistry with transparent worksheets in Tableau | Tableau Software . The issue with this is that it does not show how to make your dashboard background image the rocks and sea or any other picture for that matter.


      Currently, when I add an image the picture does not show transparent and I am getting issues like this Re: Background image in dashboard . Additionally, if I change the dashboard color then the transparent graph works. When I add a floating image it also does not work over that for transparent but rather goes to the color of the dashboard. I additionally try to change dashboard map but the background images option is grayed out and I cannot add anything like in a sheet.


      So I think if I can give an image for the background for the dashboard then I believe the transparent solution would work.


      Any help would be appreciated.