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    Perform joins using function "contains"

    Vernon Dmonte

      I have two excel sheets. my task is to join both excel sheets using a partial join function. The tables have to joined using "full roa 1" and "address variables obtained from two different tables. Please refer below:

      row1 of "full roa 1" has to be joined with row1 of "address. URGENT HELP IS NEEDED WITH THIS REGARD. THANKS

      Full Roa 1ADDRESS


      Lake Rotoaira Road
      State Highway 1
      State Highway 41
      Upper Retaruke Road
      Kepa Road


      PO Box 4259 Lake Rotoaira
      PO Box 4259 State Highway 41
      Napier 4110
      386 St Andrew Kepa Road
      214 Barnard St Wadestown Wellington 6012
      88 Randwick Rd Moera Lower Hutt 5010