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    Merge Schema Levels (JSON)

    Barnee Lloyd

      Hi All,


      Very new to this. So I'm sorry if this is very basic. I did do a bit of searching but couldn't find the solution.


      I have a lot of schema levels that all contain the same type of data. However, when I try to include them in my data it will duplicate every field. I'll try to explain below...


      JSON File Looks something Like this:



           >Category 1

                > GPS Data



           >Category 2

                > GPS Data




      (Categories go up to 22)


      This will output the data like this:


      Lat (Category 1)Long (Category 1)Lat (Category 2)Long (Category 2)
      Lat 1Long 1nullnull
      Lat 2Long 2nullnull
      nullnullLat 3Long 3
      nullnullLat 4Long 4



      However, how I would like the data to be formatted, is like this:

      Category 1Lat 1Long 1
      Category 1Lat 2Long 2
      Category 2Lat 3Long 3
      Category 2Lat 4Long 4



      Is there a way that I can do this?