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    Multiple filters on dashboard - How do you reset 'Filter A' when there is a change to 'Filter B'?

    Josh Tong



      I'm building a dashboard for district managers at a retail chain.  When the user arrives at the dashboard he/she needs uses two filters (District and Store) to first select their district and second to select a store within their district.  Note that stores belong to only one district as illustrated below:


      District 1

      - Store A

      - Store B

      - Store C


      District 2

      - Store D

      - Store E

      - Store F



      The challenge I'm running into occurs with a user selects a district and store, but later selects a new district in the district filter.  Here is an example:


      1. User selects District 1 from District Filter
      2. Store Filter shows Relevant stores within District 1 (Store A, Store B, Store C)
      3. User selects Store B
      4. Dashboard renders data for Store B
      5. User changes District Filter selection to District 2
      6. Problem: Dashboard goes blank, because Store B is still selected in Store Filter and Store B is not a member of District 2


      In a perfect world, I'd like the Store filter to reset whenever the district filter selection is changed.


      Any recommendations on how to accomplish this?  I've reviewed several forum posts on similar topics, but have not yet found a solution.