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    9 dimensions - field labels are hidden

    Debora Barnes-Josiah


      I have a dataset with multiple metrics; each metric belongs to one or more of eight projects (each with an individual yes/no value) and has a score.  I'm essentially trying to create an array, where the columns are the project names (2A, 2B, etc.) and the rows are the metric name, a yes ("X") for the relevant project, and then a bar with the metric score.  After much struggle, I got everything to work the way I wanted, except that it didn't like having 8 field labels for the projects and smushed them together.


      Image "tWorks" only has 5 projects, and is what I want.  But in Image "tDoesn't Work" the red box shows the location of the project 2C label; the green box marks the "X" values for all 3 smushed headers (2A-2C); the brown box shows commas for the null project values; and the purple box the 5 projects that came out right.


      The first time I tried it, the metric header wasn't even showing.  I tried reconstructing the whole sheet, and worked from both directions to make the project columns as small as possible, but to no avail other than keeping the metric header.  I'd appreciate suggestions on how to make this work, or even on a totally different approach.