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    Dynamic Screen Change

    TaRan Wilson

      I am trying to change/swap my current sheet within my dashboard with another when I click on a value within a sheet. I then want to have the ability to return to the previous sheet within the dashboard. At this time, I can load a sheet within a fixed area of my current dashboard, but what I want to do is have sheet overtake my current sheet within my dashboard so that you cannot see what is currently being display. It would function as if you were on a website and are going to another page within that website, then returning.


      I have attached a packaged workbook with the functionality that I currently have working. If, for instance, you click on the furniture category, more information will display at the bottom of the dash in regards to furniture. What I'd like to see happen is that area at the bottom of the dash overtake the entire page (so that it is all that you see) instead of just appearing at the bottom in a fixed area.


      I have seen some examples that do something similar to this. In these examples, I've seen the ability to select from a dropdown and the page swaps. I've also seen buttons on the screen that will swap between two sheets. I've gotten this to work. What I haven't gotten to work is being able to click on the categories or bars within one sheet of a dashboard and have that overtake the entire page.


      Someone suggested that I have an action that calls a calculated field that turns a page on or off. In theory I would place a container on the dashboard, then place all sheets I wanted to flip between within that dashboard, then use an action calling to the calculated field to show the various pages. However I couldn't get this to work. If anyone could help me with this, I would greatly appreciate it.

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          Diego Parker

          Hey Taran,


          Maybe this tutorial may help you to achieve what you require.




          If it helps you, please mark it as helpful so other users can refer to it.


          If you need another explanation, you can see a similar approach here: https://community.tableau.com/thread/293505




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            Ken Flerlage

            Have you tried this? https://www.thedataschool.co.uk/hashu-shenkar/tableau-tip-switch-between-views-dynamically-on-a-dashboard/


            If so, is there a step where you're struggling or is there something on here that doesn't meet your needs?

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              TaRan Wilson

              Diego and Ken, thanks for the links. The link Ken posted is the one I was saying I've seen. I've also seen the first one that Diego posted.


              The second link Diego had is good, but it doesn't quite do what I am looking to do. I can create a button and have it swap sheets in and out. No problem. Where I'm having a problem is clicking on a value within one sheet and having it load another sheet that overtakes the page. Tableau doesn't seem to want to do it this way.


              Take the first link that Diego posted, for example. I want to click one of the bars on the bar chart and have the page swap from there, not from a button on the screen. I wanted the page to swap and show some values based on a filter for that bar. Does that make sense? I have tried incorporating the various filters, 0Zeros and such from those links, but I just can't seem to get it to function properly.

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                TaRan Wilson

                Perhaps I need to clarify what I'm trying to do a little more.


                I want to click on the Furniture category and have a new screen overlay the current one (so there’s one sheet covering the entire dashboard) with all of the furniture sub-category information. I can click on the Furniture category and have it populate a fixed area at the bottom of the screen. I have also followed some tutorials I’ve found online to have pages swap in and out. What I can’t seem to get to work is to click on the category and have that swap out for a new page.


                It seems to me that the pages that are being swapped in and out need to lie in the same container, with the controller (a button in everyone’s examples) doing the swapping. I’m wanting to swap in a new page from within the same container. Does that make sense?

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                  Diego Parker

                  Hi Taran,


                  Sorry for not being able to reply quickly as I'm at work. I'll try to create a solution for you later but on the meantime let me clarify the requirements.


                  First, you want to create a dashboard that displays the results on a category level and when you select over that category it brings a "new page" with the subcategories within that category? Then how would you go back to the category level?


                  Also, what do you think about using set actions instead? I think they are a very nice option for your example. Check one option here




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                    TaRan Wilson

                    No problem Diego, thanks for further looking into this for me. This is for my work, so I'll be on this until I figure it out.


                    To answer your first question, yes. For the second question, I have yet to figure that out. I assumed I could create some type of "back button" that functions similarly to those examples you and Ken showed. That or hide all other sheets except for the chart/first/home sheet.


                    I'm okay with using set actions, although I'm not familiar with them. I'm working with Tableau 9.3, so I'm a little behind in that regard. I'm not sure if set actions will function for me.


                    I checked out the link you sent. That looks to function, mostly, how I am wanting. She did say in her post that it only works for one level of drill down though. While that would probably work for me today, I think not too far down the road I'm going to be asked to drill down multiple levels. I'm going to try and implement that into what I'm currently working on and see what happens though. I would also want some type of close button.


                    In the end, I don't really care how I get this to work, as long as it works. It is how management is asking for it to function. And we all know that when it comes to management and customers, they don't really care that a program isn't intended to work a particular way, just get it to work. -__-

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                      TaRan Wilson

                      I have made some advancements on this.


                      I’ve attached a new packaged workbook. This is the actual dashboard I’m working on (not the Superstore test). If you click on the dashboard Dash, then on any of the categories along the left row, the action filter I have applied performs the action I’m wanting, just doesn’t break down how I want (it’s all self-contained).


                      If you click on the dashboard Dashboard, then click on one of the categories along the left side, you’ll see that it takes you to the Target Dash dashboard and displays a drilldown of information that I’m wanting to show (the individual devices that are Down, Not Ready or Waiting). I have a return button at the top that when clicked twice (I’m not sure how to get it to work on one click), it will take you back to Dashboard. This is the behavior I’m looking to have.


                      The problem now comes with Tableau Server. Tableau Server will not let me move from one dashboard to the next. How do I do this when navigating via Tableau Server without using tabs?


                      Edit: I've marked this as the correct answer as it gets me as close as I think I can get at this time. I'm currently using Action Filters to navigate from one dashboard to another, then using tabs to return back to the previous dashboard. Thanks Diego for helping me get to the right solution.

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                        Diego Parker

                        Hey Taran,


                        It looks like is tarting to take some shape. However, I haven't learned about using actions with sets yet so it would be great if someone else could help here.