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    Add  % tolerance


      Hi All,


      i have a discharge triangle where i have to compare % of discharged with Average . As attached in the worksheet, I am comparing the % discharged with Average.


      1. If % of discharged > average , then Green.

      2. also, add 1% tolerance for the % difference  between % of discharged and average.

      i. For example, If % of discharged is 0.01% and Average is  0.01 % then this should be green

      ii. If average is less than 1% than % of discharged (8.64 % and 8.68%) then this should be green instead of red.

      iii. If average is greater than 1% than % of discharged(77.93% and 81.40%) then this should be red.



      Can anyone please help me to get this?