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    How to do a Scatter Plot with a TOP N for a specific dimension

    Abderrahim LAHMAÏMI

      Hello Tableau Community,


      today I came across a problem that I cannot solve. I hope you guys can figure it out !


      As I cannot share my data with you, I reproduced my problem with a Dog dataset ( found here :Associations between Domestic-Dog Morphology and Behaviour Scores in the Dog Mentality Assessment )



      I have a scatter chart that plot dogs by their skull length and skull width :

      I would like to Filter that scatter chart by Skull width to show only the TOP N, to do that I dragged the dog ID in the filters pane and created a top like this :


      So far everything works great, but the TOP N works only for the global dataset. If I select a specific breed which is not in the top N ,Tableau will not return any result. Is there a way to dynamically update the TOP N for each breed selected, such as :

           - if I select (All) breed,  it shows the TOP N for (All)

           - if I select a breed, let's say only Dalmatian, it shows the TOP N for only Dalmatian


      I attached the workbook, feel free to look at it !




      Thank you !