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    Anyone enable the new UI in 2018.3? Reactions?

    Thomas Cook

      I often get users who are confused about how the current server UI does not act as folders do on a computer. I am tired of explaining how you have to select 'Project' to see any sub folders and then click back to 'Workbooks' to see the content.


      New browsing experience with mixed content types | Tableau Software


      The new UI seems to be way better but is a beta feature in a prod release? Anyone enable it. It has to be done for each site if you use those. I was thinking about just enabling it as part of our 2018.3 upgrade.

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          Lewis Wong

          Suggest you to register a trial for tableau online to feel it.



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            Thomas Cook

            I had already tried it but was wondering if anyone had rolled it out to users and with what results.


            I tested it in our development environment and my team liked it. When we upgraded our Prod environment I enabled it for one site and have got positive feedback from a handful of users. They like that it works more like folders on a computer. One change that took some time to notice is that the term "Explore" has slipped in and mention of "Project" is hidden more. The word "Project" for what is actually a folder has been always been unintuitive for users. I try to refer to them as "project folders" when talking to new users who tend to think of their workbook as a project.

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              Toby Erkson

              I've asked my site admins and power users to review it on our QA Server.  No feedback yet

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                Andrew Bickert

                Hi Thomas,

                We have this in our QA as well. Some of our users like it but I did not get the overwhelming 'this is Awesome' as I was expecting. I agree that it is more intuitive for people whom haven't seen server beforehand but we have worked hard on training people to understand how to navigate between projects (and nested projects), workbooks, and views and our current users don't want to necessarily 'learn' again.


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                  Toby Erkson

                  Feedback from one of my power users:


                  There are some things I like, but mostly I see it as a step back. 


                  Pro BETA

                  1. When opening a project, BETA displays the sub-projects thumbnails in addition to any workbooks structured directly under the parent project. In Prod, it only shows the parent project workbooks, and I have to click on Projects to see the subproject line-up.
                  2. Hover menu on workbook thumbnails shows data sources. (But they removed the view count graph from the workbook hover menu. I now have to go the individual views to see that info.)


                  Con BETA

                  1. It’s in beta
                  2. Folder thumbnail shows less information than before. I like how PROD shows the content count across the bottom of the folder thumbnail.
                  3. I don’t like that the viz thumbnails are blurred.  
                  4. View count graph removed from workbook thumbnail hover menu. Only available on the individual view thumbnails.


                  I would want to switch if they would:

                  1. Add the content count bar on the folder thumbnail back
                  2. Add the view count graph back to the workbook thumbnail hover
                  3. Sharpen the viz thumbnails to prior clarity

                  (I added the )