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    Group measure into multiple parameter sets

    Sharanya Madhavan

      Hi all ,


      Need help with a dashboard I am working on .


      I have too many measures in my table and hence I want to group them into sets. So my user can choose a set of measures or specially drill down onto one of the measures in a set.


      Ex: my dashboard should have a drop down for


      Set A : m1, m2 , m3

      Set B: m4, m5, m6.


      The user can choose Set A or Set B or all or say m1 within Set A.


      Is this doable ? I understand how to put it all Together as one drop down using a parameter.


      Thanks in advacne.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Sharanya,


          It would greatly help to see a small packaged workbook to identify the condition a bit better and provide more assistance. 


          Is it possible to utilize calculated fields to provide the group function of the measure that you seek?  so sum(measure1)+sum(measure2)+sum(measure3) for one calculated group and then a second calculated field for another one or does there need to be even more dynamic selection?  It may also make sense to utilize Sheet swapping techniques but more details about the end views/dashboard and data source would bee necessary to assist.


          Packaged workbooks and flows: when, why, how


          Thank you