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    Leading and lagging indicators


      I'm trying to duplicate an excel spreadsheet in tableau. Excel takes two independent economic indicators, graphs them, and creates leading and lagging correlations. The chart on the right is a series of correlations when shifting one of the data series by the respective months. The graph would update to show that shift as well. The predicted data is generated using excel's forecast.linear function. See picture below for an example of the excel output.

      I'm starting with these two, but eventually would build out a series of similar charts, etc. So, I want to make sure it's easily repeatable/adaptable. The data is coming from excel (originally quandl).


      I have some programming skills, but couldn't quite follow previous posts on the topic since 10.2 (I saw some using lookup, which apparently would not be the most efficient path in the newer versions of Tableau?) such as this one:

      LEAD and LAG using level of detail calculations


      Sample data and twbx attached. Any help would be appreciated.