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    Filtering to least negative value if all negative. Show least negative and most positive value if both are present.

    Ryan A

      I have done my best to provide a mock data set. The workbook is attached and I have provided a screenshot of what it current looks like.


      I need to know two things:


      1. If any States/Counties have all of their stores underwater (negative revenue), and if so, which store number is the least underwater


      2. If any States/Counties have stores that are both underwater and above water, and if so, which store numbers are the least underwater and the most above water. (least negative and most positive revenue)


      The real data set I am using has an astronomical amount of lines and we want to be able to see the above request. I can't quite figure it out. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I am still growing/learning in the field of Tableau equations. If you could please provide a "translation" of the formula needed to solve this I would greatly appreciate it. I am having a hard time finding "translations" of Tableau's syntax to help me wrap my head around how it all works. If that is too much extra work I understand.


      Thank you!