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    Stacked Side by side bar graph

    Karthik Suresh

      Hey Guys,


      I am trying to create a side by side bar graph. I connect attach the tableau workbook because the data is private.


      So i have 4 columns

      Initial Budget
      Goal Budget
      Forecast Revenue
      Actual Revenue


      So I am trying to create a side by side bar graph, both the budgets on one bar and the revenues in the other. I want the goal and the initial budget over each other.


      For example if the Initial budget is 100 and the goal is 120 , I want to plot the initial budget (100) inside the goal budget (120), the Y axis should show 120 and not 220 the sum. The same with the Revenue.


      I hope I am clear with my question.


      I am attaching an image for reference. I am able to create two separate views with Synchronized dual axis for budget and revenue, is it possible to create a side by side chart like the one in the image.


      Thanks in Advance


      Karthik SuIMG_20190124_094422.jpgresh