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    Show/hiding Tooltip when action filter

    avinash v

      Hi Friends,


      According to our requirement  we have created  Summary of all segments category and all product category and represented both in donut charts , Created interactive actions to both donut charts,So that when click on segment 1  it will show the corresponding product sales value in chart 2(Overall sales - product category).We have calculated  overall sales percentage and shown in tool tip. As you can in below screenshot showing sales value  ,%  of sale value and % of overall sales.

      % of overall sales and % of sale value  is showing is same values: 46.79% because no action is applied , It will change when we apply filter only. So we want to hide that (% of overall sales) until action filter is clicked.It has to shown only when filter is applied otherwise it should hide.

      But our requirement is  hide that (% of overall sales) in tool tip unless action filter is clicked.




      unfiltered sales: { FIXED :SUM([Sales value])} - % of overall sales




      Please find the sample workbook attached of our scenario.Any suggestions / solutions will be more helpful.