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    Google Analytics Behaviour Flow - what data do I need?

    Paulien Horsten

      Hi all,


      I'm building some Google Analytics dashboards in Tableau and I would like to create one that visualizes the path users follow on a website (something like the Behaviour Flow in Google Analytics, see image attached). There are many resources that explain how to build a Sankey diagram, but my question is about the underlying data.


      - What dimensions and metrics do I need? I know there are dimensions for Landing Page, Second Page and Previous Page, but I find it difficult to understand how to use them to create a behaviour flow.

      In the GA flow there is a Landing Page, Starting Page, 1st interaction and 2nd interaction. But f I pull out page related data into Tableau, I can only see the previous page per page, right? How to create a multilevel flow then?


      - I have the feeling I need something like a session ID to be able to create a behaviour flow. Is that correct? Does GA provide something like that?


      Read this post Website user behaviour flow  but my sql is not advanced ....


      Anyone with experience on this one? Good resources?


      Thanks in advance!