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    Prep - working with dataset with two types of lines of data


      I have NOAA Hurricane data that I am trying to clean up before plotting hurricane paths. There are two types of rows:


      1) a header line for each storm, which includes the storm name and a storm number for that year (plus some other info but storm name and storm number is all I need, see highlighted section in the attached image)

      2) multiple data lines under each header line - it's the data entries for that particular storm that will help me plot the storm line - lat/long, times of the day for each track entry, date for each storm track entry, etc.


      I did some data prep but I am now stuck because I need to bring storm name and storm number from each header line into each of the rows underneath the headline row, but I can't seem to figure out how to go about it. Pivoting is not making sense or I just don't see a way to make pivoting work for me. I basically should have each column complete - with no blank cells and these should ultimately be the headers using the data pulled from the original dataset:

      Storm Date     Storm Number      Storm Name     Time  Lat     Lon     Wind speed


      Can someone help me figure it out? I attach my packaged flow from Prep and the original data file.


      Kent Marten - is this something you could help me with? I am looking for guidance prepping the data; I think there is plenty info out there on how to visualize hurricane paths. Thank you.