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    Calculation question

    Beth Crandy

      I am trying to  create a calculation in Tableau  and  I am not sure if I can or how to complete it.   I have set Parameters to filter months/dates.

      Currently  my report is in Excel and I am trying to  put it in Tableau.   I am trying to calculate   Month over  Previous Month. this is what I need to put into tableau. Sum of (Current mnth) Plan Paid / (Current month) Claim Count, / SUM of (Prior month) Plan pay/ (prior mnth) claim count + the SUM of (Current mnth) Claim count/ (Current mnth) member count,  / SUM of (prior mnth) claim count/(prior mnth) Member count.  Don't know  how to build  a calculation to show prior  or current month for each of these.       ( I don't have a workbook to attach).  Thank you.   

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          Deepak Rai

          People usually have Confidential data, but here is  a choice, You can create a sample workbook with Superstore or fake data to get help running to you.

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            Zhouyi Zhang

            Hi, Beth


            Can you explain more details about what do you mean by " set Parameters to filter months/dates"? and how did you determine which month is current month, based on the parameter or just today() as current month?



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              Beth Crandy

              Hello ZZ,


              Thank you for responding. I am trying to put this Excel formula
              into Tableau  and didn’t know if anyone could help on how to do it, or if
              it is possible to put this into Tableau.    I don’t know
              if I have to create Parameters for the months??  I haven’t done too much
              on this, I keep trying different ways to create what I need, but I am not
              getting what I need. I am stuck..     I am looking to
              have  filter on the dashboard that if someone clicks on a month they can
              see the month over previous month’s data. The calculation I have posted is how
              it is calculated currently  in Excel.  I hope this
              helps.    Thank you.      

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                Zhouyi Zhang

                Hi, Beth


                is it something like this?


                A sample workbook attached for your reference. I didn't apply any formula, but just show you the capbility of how to get the prevous month's value.



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                  Beth Crandy

                  Hi ZZ,


                  Thank you. Yes, this is what I have, but I just need to some how get my formula into Tableau so when someone clicks on the  "Filtered Month"   Tableau will show the a  month over previous month  calculation.  The calculation  is  a trend for  claims cost over previous month. Hope this makes sense.  Thank  you again.