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    Question regards to Text Table

    tim fan



      Currently I am running into several issues. I need to create a Text Table but I am having troubles. First I Pivot all these columns and then group them into different groups in order to show "Sales Accountable" and "Operation Accountable." However, I am not able to change couple columns from numbers to percent under the group. Is it possible to do that? Another way I did this is to not group the columns but just put them from Measures to Dimensions and put them one by one to column but that way I don't know how to reflect the two groups ("Sales Accountable" and "Operation Accountable") to show on Text table. I understand that this task would be 100x easier on excel but just curious to see if it's possible to do this in Tableau.


      In tableau file I need to change Sales Total %, Ops Total %, and Perfect Order % from number to percentage but since I group them so I cannot change them to percentage while keep all other columns as number count. Any help would be helpful!