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    taking sum of calculated averages and subtracting value from different sheet

    Sourav Ghosh

      Hi everyone,


      Attached a sample excel sheet and corresponding tableau workbook.


      for excel,
      sheet 1 contains the sample dataset. - out of which i am preparing tableau sheet 1 and 2.
      Exact final outcome i want - that's described in excel sheet 2 (things that are blue marked what I calculated in tableau and the row highlighted in green- is something that I desire.)


      Now in my tableau dashboard- i am unable to carry out these two operations.
      1) taking sum of two values which are obtained using average (cell c17 in excel sheet 2).
      Since C14 and C15 are average values (tableau wb sheet 2), if i take column total- it gives me average, not sum.


      2) Once this value is calculated, subtract it from a number obtained from a different worksheet (refer C18 in sheet2, excel), however source table remains same.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.