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    2 different measure cal using single date filter for Side by Side Bar graph

    sonam jha

      Hi All,


      I am trying to create two bar graph side by side ,One for today and another bar should change according to my date filter - parameter value.


      Ex: if I choose date as 20th Jan 2018 and #no of days(Integer parameter) as 2 then my 2nd graph should display data of 18th Jan(20 Jan-2).


      I have only one date filter which has been set to Today.(according to this filter my 2nd bar should change and 1st should stay constant for today).


      I tried  if Date= today () for today's graph and then trying to cal 2nd graph based on DATEADD('day', -[# of Days], today()). Somehow i am not getting 2nd graph.


      Could not able to attach Workbook as cannot upload the client data.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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