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    Tableau Extract API does not work with Python 3.7

    Chaitanya Moparthi

      Hi Team,

      I have **** lot of problems when I try using Tableau Extract API 2.0 and Tableau SDK for Python version 3.7


      Major Errors are:


      Error 1:

      sys.exit( retval )

      SystemExit: 0


      here is the code:

          retval = main()

          sys.exit( retval )


      has a problem. I tried changing sys.exit() to exit(), quit() but the error was gone but the Kernel was loading every time I run it.


      Other major error is:

      Syntax problem with exceptions I have resolved it by rewriting.


      So are there any one from Tableau community can help here or

      Can tableau give all the users an advise why the heck they got stuck with python 2 versions?

      Did not they realized we are using Python 3.7?


      Help is appreciated.