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    Maps shows countries but not cities

    Barbara Adcock



      My co-worker and I are both trialing Tableau and have a file of sites complete with city, country, latitude/longitude.  We are trying to map the sites our company has in each city around the world but we are getting instead a dot for each country.  When we hover over the dot, we CAN see the number of records for various cities by ever so slightly moving the mouse around the dot.  We've tried a couple of different variation, dragging the latitude and longitude from our file to the row/columns and most recently by double clicking on the city name.  My trial version hasn't been loaded yet so I can't attach the file, but is there a 'check this first' recommendation a smarter person could provide us?


      NOTE: I just finished my Udacity nano degree in Data Foundations and the mapping worked flawlessly so I'm at a loss to troubleshoot this one.

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          Don Wise

          Hi Barbara,


          Can you supply some of the data you're working with and/or a screenshot of what you've done so far?  That might help someone figure out what's going on.  But off the top of my head, I'd say go to Analysis and uncheck Aggregate Measures.


          Thx!  Don

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            Michael Gillespie

            Make sure the LAT and LONG pills that are on the Rows and Column shelves are not preceded with AVG().  If you're using your own Lat & Long values from your data, rather than the ones that Tableau figures out for you, that's a common issue.


            If that is the case, right-click on the pills (one at a time) and pick Dimension from the pop-up menu.


            Also make sure that you have your CITY field on the Details mark.  That will help Tableau map the right thing.

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