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    Replacing a value with a different calculation

    Patrick Weber

      Hi Tableau friends,


      I have an issue in replacing a value:



      In my workbook you'll see each employee has one or more invoices.

      Each invoice consists of different products and values for sales, purchase, calc1=sales-purchase and calc2= calc1 * 0.055).

      Also for each product you'll find a product manager id.


      Now calc2 has to be dcalculated diifferent for "John".

      There we need total of calc2 if there's a product manager id = 200 or id= 100.

      This result (155.87) has to be multiplyed with 0.085 = 13.25


      See expected view below:



      How to solve this problem?


      I tried something in "calc_john" and "new Calc" but I can't combine the total 13.25.


      Thanks for any hints.