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    top n with "other" sum for arbitrary dimension depth

    Andrew McCornack

      Hi everyone! I'm working on creating a dynamic table that shows, for an arbitrary depth of dimensions, the top N items for each dimension and an "other" sub total that sums up the rest. I've worked through a few of the posted solutions for similar questions and I'm having trouble aggregating others past the first dimension.


      I've attached my most successful attempt. This is my first project in Tableau and I suspect I'm committing great acts of abuse... I'm calculating "other" subtotals for both dimensions for each row and then doing some hacky field renaming and conditional calculations for display. That said, everything in the "2 dimensions" worksheet is as desired except the label for dimension 2 in the dimension 1 "others" subtotal is not displaying "others" as well. If anyone could take a look and advise, it'd be greatly appreciated. Extra appreciation for any solutions that can be extended to work for 3, or 4, or 5 dimensions as well. Many thanks!


      Create Sets for Top N and Others - Tableau


      Top N, with everyone else as "Other"