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    Data with Multiple items in Column - how to split into 'tags'

    Stephen Reid




      I have a CSV file that has a column of data where multiple items are listed separated by comma's   - i.e. "apple,dog,rabbit,dog,tree"


      Is it possible for tableau to separate the items as "tags" and use the items within as filter targets?


      I read about using split/custom split, but was wondering if there is a cleaner method




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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          If you are stuck with the file as input there is not really a clean approach - you could use Prep to split the ata then pivot the columns that result to create a tall narrow data set (from a shorter wider set) - the tall thin data set associate each Tag individually with the apple, dog , cat etc


          YOu can also do it in tableau proper but It is a little easier to clean up the data in Prep


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