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    Tableau Prep 2019.1.1

    Chaitanya Kulkarni

      Hi Tableau Prep Community,


      With the release of Tableau Prep 2019.1.1 we could pivot the rows to columns, add description to changes we make during the process of cleaning and other steps.


      This will really help in preparing the data more easily, but before I update my Tableau Prep to 2019.1.1, want to know if there are any bugs, issues installing on Windows 2007?


      When the 2018.3.3 version of Prep was released, after installing I had faced issues on Windows 2007. So I had to downgrade to 2018.3.2.


      I was told the issue that I was facing is due to my Network configuration. But with same configuration it works with 2018.3.2.


      Can I install 2019.1.1 on Windows 2007 error free?



      Chaitanya Kulkarni


      Maraki Ketema