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    highlight action with nulls

    Claire Douglas

      Can you set a highlight action so nulls don't equal each other?


      I have two views that show the top N email names ranked by different metrics.  These have calculations in them using sets so that the email name of the row only shows if it isn't 'Other'.  If the email name is in both views, I'd like to highlight it, so you can compare how it ranks.  I can't put the email name into detail because I want all of the "Other"s grouped together, so I made a calculated field that shows the email name if it's in both sets.  If an email name is not in both sets the calculated field is null.  This works when I the email name is in both views, but if not, it highlights all of the rows that have a null value.  Can I set Tableau so that it doesn't have nulls equaling each other?  If not, does anyone have a work around for this?  I haven't used set actions yet, but my guess is those may feature in a workaround.  See screenshots below, and thanks!




      First, how it works successfully, second, the nulls highlighting each other.



      Email Name if it's in both sets, which is what I'm filtering on:

      Highlight action: