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    Use totals from multiple views in formula

    Claudia Aguilar

      Hi ..

      Trying to calculate based on multiple results the final number .. (FYI this dahsboard shows 3 different sheets that actually come from its own Data source and even when 1st and second might be linkable.. the third one, is just not possible.

      Hope someone can be creative and help me here.


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          Deepak Rai

          You can use data from the tables which are linked to get Net,Cost, Trnamt and then since fourth value is Constant, just use actual value and get your Result.

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Claudia

            The Total on the analytics tab is not actually adding the numbers in your viz (like an excel spreadsheet)  It is looking at the underlying table and applying and doing the calculation there -

            That is a way of saying there are not unique values that are totals - so what can you do - it you can use LOD's in with your data (you didn't attach your workbook so we can't see them ) then you can use that when you create your worksheet



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