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    Query re time analysis - version

    James Brewerton

      Please see the attached packaged workbook which is some analysis of triathlon data.


      I followed the tips at this link (https://kb.tableau.com/articles/issue/extract-time-from-date-and-time-field ) to split out a date and time field into just time.


      However, as you can see in the packaged workbook when I try and show the times for each section the results appear incorrect.


      As an example, see the 'Swim master' number shown in the analysis tab is '23:20:18'. However, when I 'View data' the Swim Master cell for 'James Brewerton' is clearly '00:39:42'. It is the same problem with the T1 data too. See image below.


      Tableau query.JPG


      Could someone take a look and let me know where this is going wrong?


      Thanks in advance



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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning


          As a fellow Triathlete I feel the frustration in your post - see below -

          this is a portion of the data table - note the dates - they are are all based on 12/30/1899 - that is throwing off all the calcualtions


          This data has been converted from its original format to a date time format and the conversion was not correct


          What and can you post a small sample of the data




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            James Brewerton

            Thanks Jim.


            Here is the dataset. It is publicly available so I am happy to share on here.

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              Jim Dehner

              Hi this is the best I am able to do - it is brute force but will return this


              here is the problem with the excel data - the minutes and seconds have been converted to date and time starting at 12:00 AM

              I converted them to minutes a decimal parts using this

              there may have been and easier way but I am not certain

              I brought the data into Tableau and pivoted around the identification and demo data

              then converted that back to minutes and seconds



              then concatenated them into a string



              I played with using datediff on the original date/time values but it kept returning to the clock time values starting at midnight


              Remember to have fun on race day - makes all the training worthwhile


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