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    Unable to connect to PostgreSQL db


      Hi All,


      I'm getting the below mentioned error when trying to connect to postgres db from Tableau Desktop post the upgrade from 2018.2.2 to 2018.3.0


      Error 1: [ERROR] 11-05 19:00:01 - FATAL: Couldn't connect to repository, aborting (FATAL:  no pg_hba.conf entry for host "xx.x.x.xxx, user "readonly", database "workgroup", SSL off


      Tried the below link but was not helpful




      Below is my analysis


      - Checked the firewalls and they were turned off

      - Port is also fine.

      - Done the pwd resets for both Tableau and read-only accounts

      - checked whether the postgres db is enabled or not and its fine

      - checked for pg_hba_conf file and it is not missing


      Request you to suggest the needful. Thanks


      Let me know if you need any additional details from my end. Thanks