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    Tableau Desktop Views are blank when i close them and open again on next day

    Bhavana Khairnar

      Hello Everyone,


      I am facing this issue from quite many days now, my .twbx workbook with LIVE connection is on my local machine, when I save the file and close and open it again on next day some of my views are blank, I am not understanding the reason behind it. I have checked my filters there is noting wrong with it, If i query for same data in the backend its showing me results, and these blank views they only goes away when i open my workbook and manually refresh my datasource, but why is it so? my connection is LIVE , isn't it suppose to show always updated data?


      Just to be clear I have made views in my postgres backend and to those views I am connecting in Tableau. What can be the reason?  and all these views/sheets which are going blank they have last 24 hrs filter, but as I said earlier if i query for same data in backend its shows me values so I know for sure that these 24 hrs date filter is not the problem.


      Now i published the same  workbook on to a tableau server yesterday, I could see the data, but again today morning when i check on my server again some of the views with 24 hrs filter are blank. Should I go for extract connection? will this solve my problem?


      Thanks in advance