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    Union Weekly Report (diff countries/similar format in excel)

    Raymond Tam

      Hi there, need some help out of here.


      Background info:


      Every week I need to refresh my database with weekly sales data from 3 countries. The sales data is in excel with more or less similar structure.


      For now I create a master excel file by putting each week's sales data into new sheets (so every week 3 new sheets added). Then I union all of those sheets by Tableau Desktop. After that I can play around the number & keep track with product performance week by week, country by country etc. etc.


      After a while I start to put back previous weekly sale data & union them. Now I have maximum like 2 years data ie. 3 (countries) x 52 (weeks) x 2 (years) = 312 sheets! For sure it keeps growing.


      Then I observe slower response each time I add new union & sometimes I get error message from Tableau. I feel the way how I do can't stay forever so I need some wise solution to help me solve this issue.


      Would Tableau Prep be a solution & how?


      Should I output the big chunk of union(ed) data then start a new union to join new data?


      I have attached a master file (simplified) to illustrate the current situation. There are just 2 weeks from 3 countries with total weekly sales qty & qty by stores.


      Many thx for reading this & helping out. Do let me know if I need to provide more info.



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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning

          I looked at the data if I understand the individual data sets are 1 week of store level sales - I can't discern the codes but it looks like the sales are at the product store level and results in a wide short table -

          Tableau and all other database based systems like lean tall files - so what to do

          can Prep help - Yes - you can start by pivoting the individual files around store and product so you have something that looks like a tall data set date - store - product - sales (not certain what else is in the table)  You may need to do 2 level pivoting in Prep  one for store and a second for product (note you can not do 2 level in Tableau proper - just Prep)


          then you can union each of those weekly files together - (I can't tell you if unio then pivot would be better because you noted that the files a more or less the same structure)


          That will result in a set that is more efficient



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            Raymond Tam

            Hi Jim, thx for your insight.


            I heard that Prep cannot union more than 10 tables. Should I use Prep everytime as a single flow then manually combine the data into excel?



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              Jim Dehner

              you heard almost correct - there is a 10 file limit to any one union but then you can take the resulting "unioned files" and union them and so on -