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    Design Dashboard Tips

    shanmuga prabhu

      Hi All,


      Please let me know the tips for designing dashboard like Aligning , Placing one above the another object , Short cut keys, Common font across dahboard


      Performance Tuning


      Best Practice



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          Claire Smith

          Hi Shanmuga,


          There's a lot of information out there about visual best practices! A great place to start for Tableau questions in general is the Tableau Reference Guide, created by Data+Science.  If you look under Training Videos, you'll see one titled Dashboard Design and Formatting. Just searching "Dashboard" on the reference guide to get a ton of resources.  I also really like the resources found on The Data School!  Again, search "Dashboards" or "Formatting" to find a bunch of really great resources.


          For performance tuning, we use a relatively inexpensive tool from InterWorks called Power Tools for Tableau Desktop.  I am still getting familiar with it, but it has great features to help you audit data sources, set up visual best practices, and performance analyzer to help you clean up your workbooks before (or after) publishing them.


          If this answer helps you, please mark as correct to assist others in finding it faster! Thanks and happy creating!


          Tableau Reference Guide



          The Data School




          Power Tools for Tableau