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    Density Maps - Where is the color legend?

    Bradley Adams

      I've created a few density maps and need to show my users a legend so they know about how many items they are looking at based on the intensity of the color. On my worksheet when I click the Analysis menu, legends is greyed out. Is this a problem for anyone else? If so, how have you correct it?





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          Rodrigo Calloni

          Hi Brad


          It seems you found a very interesting issue here. I've tweeted to Kent Marten who is among the leaders on Maps development about this.


          Meanwhile you could do something like this: In a new sheet, add your dimension to detail, your value to color and pick the Square mark. It will build a bunch of quares. If you sort de Dimension by your Measure then they will be sorted from light to dark. Then add labels to MIN and MAX and I believe it will be pretty close to a color legend


          Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 10.21.37 PM.png

          I hope this helps.


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            Bradley Adams

            Hi Rodrigo - this work around totally worked. I actually used the color legend card from this second worksheet and floated the squares out of the view. Hopefully we'll see the color legend added in 2019.1.

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              Bradley Adams

              Quick amendment to the original question and answer. This work-around worked great for maps where I have a common data element to group on (like zip codes, FIPS, state, etc.) but doesn't work when if you are creating a density map using spatial data. I have geocoded addresses in a data set and the density map looks great but I don't see a way to create a similar legend since I can't really group on the spatial field the same way I can with something like zip code. Anyone have any ideas?