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    can we use LookUp function in tableau like vlookup in excel?

    Puneet Sharma



      I am trying to create forecast for a data which is organized in rows with semesters, so the problem i am facing is if i forecast using semester, tableau can not forecast as it considers there are null values in all other months (except fall - September, Winter- January and Spring - May). I tried domain padding but unfortunately, we can not create forecast with domain padding (please correct me if i am wrong!) So, instead of duplicating data 4 times to fill data for 12 months in year. I decided that i will try to create a lookup table in excel like this:


      Semesters(string)                    Dummy(to fill in as continuous months)(Date)


      Fall 2016                                 January 2016


      Winter 2017                             February 2016


      Spring 2017                             March 2016


      Fall 2017                                  April 2016


      Winter 2018                              May 2016


      Spring 2018                              June 2016


      Fall 2018                                   July 2016


      and then i have connected this excel file to my connected view in tableau which has semester as a key to the join. I am trying to bring [Dummy] in my columns and [number of students] from my view to the rows to generate forecast. Now, i wish to create a calculated field using lookup which can say if it is January 2016 then please say/display that it is Fall 2016 and so on.


      Can we do that in tableau. If you have better ideas, they are most welcome!