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    Tableau vizql rendering: updated twb

    Megan Finaly

      This is a continuation of the thread started by Jeff Strauss . This is a workbook that is part of our custom admin portfolio and in a sense is complementary to the "stats load time" built in admin view.  Jeff will be sharing some enhancements. Jeff, if you could share your reworked twbx file (with data stripped to one row if you prefer) and maybe just add a sheet that doesn't have the findth in any calculations since that I think was the main culprit to breaking the view.


      my previous questions...

      Would creating an extract that has a daily refresh schedule solve the problems of the finicky findth? Or do we replace the reference to Currentsheet with ?? Or is there a simple way to adjust the calculations? I tried, but attached is the resulting not-so-pretty view. I simply replaced Currentsheet with 'View Name'.

      Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 4.01.51 PM.png