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    Date picker reset

    Radhika Kotla

      Hi, I have dashboard with Patient data with different ages(1 to 90) with single select patient number filter. client want to down All the patients data as PDF but Separate PDF for each patient. We accomplished this with batch file creation. now they are asking for a date picker to select range of dates for one patient but the filter should be dynamically reset back to original for the remaining patients.It would be great if any one can help me with this issue.




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          Hello Padhika,


          I'm not sure if this works in your use case, but a solution could be like this.


          For the specific patient, use parameter filters in tabcmd like this,

          Automating PDF Exports with Filters Using Tabcmd


          Also refer to How View URLs Are Structured - Tableau


          If the client hopes to pick up the date range, just simply try dos command to prompt for date input.


          Such as,

          set /P input_start="Please input the start date (YYYY-MM-DD):"

          set /P input_end="Please input the end date (YYYY-MM-DD):"


          Then use %input_start% and %input_end% in tabcmd export





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            Radhika Kotla

            Thanks for the response Lei,

            Is there any way of resetting the date on the server itself? because we are trying to do it on the server but the date filter values are not resetting though the the dashboard date axis is resetting when we change the filter.




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              Radhika Kotla

              Hi Lei,

              The one you suggested for date range does not cut our needs since it asks for each subject to enter the date range.

              but in my case tabcmd should generate all the PDF's for all the patients at once with out any interruption. and even tabcmd PDF printing also not working in our case because if the patient information has scroll bar in the view instead of printing it in the next page it is cutting off the data. now we are stuck with tabcmd PDF generation as well. It would be great if any one can help me with this issue.