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    Map where color scale goes to all 0 instead of not showing anything


      Hi All,


      So I have multiple parameters that essentially are filters I just made them parameters for my use cases and to make it more interactive for my team. Basically my color measure is based on a calculated field that does summations and percentages based on what filters are selected (Own/Rent, Base Product, Risk Types).



      ^ This is an example of what I want my parameters to do.


      Now the thing is when Base Product is 'SL Monoline', Risk Type cannot be 'Non-SL' in the parameter filter as I will show below:


      ^ Notice how everything is 0% (0% on state level left in green, 0% on zipcode level on right is red because I made the scale 0%-5% there)


      Basically my question is how do I get the sheets to hide when I select certain parameter combinations that don't work/make sense because they are 0% as a whole based on my data. In other words, in the example right above here, how can I get both sheets on my dashboard to hide (all parameter filters apply to both sheets)? Thanks!


      FYI, I cannot share my workbook as it is sensitive data.