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    Show the starting day and ending day values by selecting on range of dates filter

    naresh kumar

      Hello all,

      I'm here to ask some help on one of my requirement, i.e., I want to show sales on only starting date selecting on date range of filter  and profit on only ending date selecting on range of date filter.

      Please see the below screenshot and as well as workbook,

      Here we have Region in rows, Sales and Profit are measures and order date using as a Range of date filter,

      So,what we need is we want to display sales on 01-01-2010 i.e., 0.19K, and profit on 31-12-2013 i.e., 2.29k,.

      How can i get this numbers, I tried with calculated fields but it's not working.

      Please help me to get the calculated field for dynamic value of sales and profit on user selection on range filter