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    Text color change based on Filter selection

    Bren Perkins

      Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me out with something.  I've got three dashboards:  the first shows Region Profit; selecting one of those Regions filters to the second dashboard (which shows profit for the selected Region by Sub-Category).  Picking one of the Sub-Categories filters to the third dashboard, which shows the selected Sub-Category profit across all Regions.


      My desired result is this:


      Select a Region (East, etc)

      Pick a Sub-Category (Furnishings, for example)

      All Profits for Sub-Category are shown AND the Header for 'East' Region is shown in black color while all other Region Headers are shown in grey.


      Hopefully that makes sense; basically I want to be able to call out the originally selected Region but still show the Sub-Cat Profits for the other Regions.


      I'm using Tableau 10.5 and I'm (attempting) to include my sample workbook.


      Here also is the Tableau Public link:  Tableau Public


      Thanks everyone!