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    Context Filters using Blended Fields

    Pramathesh Nimkar

      What would you do, if you have multiple data sources (having a few similar fields) and each driving separate worksheets? and you wish to make it easy for the user to apply filters (not having to go in each sheet / dashboard and select filter)


      One solution is to use parameters. The only issue with that is they do not update their list dynamically (please comment if i am wrong here)


      Another is to use blended fields and use the blended fields in the filter - but this fails if one needs to have those filters in the "Context"


      I found a workaround and request the community to comment (its working for me as of now):


      Simple work around is

      Step 1: Place the required field into the Filter for a worksheet which sources the parent data

      Step 2: Make it a context filter

      Step 3: Blend the fields with the target data source using simple blending method (clicking those broken links into red)

      Step 4: In the first Worksheet, right click on that "contexted " filter and using "Apply to Selected Worksheet" select the target sheet


      The Filter will be straightaway placed in the context of the Target worksheet, and shows that orange Tick indicating its is from a related data source.