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    Reshaping survey data


      Hi Guys,


      I'm new to Tableau and looking for a way to reshape my excel survey data so that its useable in tableau. Here's what my data looks like;


      Heres what it represents;


      Respondent ID field

      Blue Area - demographic information (in a nice useable format)

      Orange - Mode of travel (respondent is able to select more than one)

      Green - area of activity (respondent is able to select more than one)

      Yellow - proposals (there are ten and there is a likert scale of 1-5, 0 represents the respondent not answering)


      Id love to be able to get this so that I could have a table with modes of travel on the left and area of activity across the top, to see how many people multi-selected. And there are lots of other things i'd like to visualise such as how different age groups responded to certain proposals.


      Ultimately i'd like to produce one of those dashboards which changes the charts when a bar on one of the charts is clicked.


      Here's what i've tried so far;


      doing seperate pivots on orange, green and yellow areas and then joining using the respondent ID in tableau prep (ended up with useable data but incorrect figures - too many records)


      Doing one big pivot in tableau desktop on orange green and yellow and then using a helper file as outlined here;




      Any help with how to do this would be greatly appreciated. I'm hoping to do this with a similar but much larger file.