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    Date drill down missing when published to Tableau Server

    Joyce Hodel

      I created a dashboard that shows metrics at a quarterly level, and I would like users to be able to drill down to the monthly level when they look at the dashboard in Tableau Server.  When I interact with the viz from within Tableau Desktop there is the standard + sign next to the quarter that allows me to go down to the monthly level.  However, once I publish this to Tableau Server, there is no plus sign.  However, when I right click on a quarter in the viz, there is a + and the drill down works.  Any idea why the + is not displayed to the left of the quarter in Tableau Server the way it is in Desktop?  Is there a way for me to change this?  If it helps, I'm still using Tableau Desktop and Server 8.1.  Maybe the upgrade to 8.2 will take care of it?