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    Creating a Search box AND and Exclude box

    Joshua Bennett



      I have two vizzes (viz's?) each usingthe same two fields:

      1. [ad names] (unique, string)

           The names use a naming structure similar to the following (CampaignTitle_Placement_AdSize_AdType_CreativeID)

      2. [ad values] (int)


      Each viz has two filters:

      1. Country (single value dropdown)

      2. Search box (using a calculated field and parameter)

           Filters to match the user entered free text


      I would like to add a third filter:

      3. Exclude Box

           Displays all records but the user entered free text


      The end goal is to have a dash with these two visualizations side-by-side so users can search for an ad in each and compare them side-by-side. So far so good, it works and looks snazzy, but I can't look at a single ad in viz A and look at all, minus the one, in viz B.


      Viz A: Shows only CampaignTitle_Placement_AdSize_AdType_001


      Viz B: Shows all ads EXCEPT CampaignTitle_Placement_AdSize_AdType_001


      I have tried


      NOT CONTAINS([ad names] , [search Parameter])

      then checking TRUE in the filter


      and I tried


      CONTAINS([ad names] , [search Parameter])

      then checking FALSE in the filter


      No luck


      If both text boxes are blank then nothing shows.


      I can get one or the other to work but not both.


      Any thoughts?