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    Connecting workbook live to an extract on tableau server vs. creating extract of the extract on tableau server

    Akarsh Srinivas Pydimarri



      Currently I have:

      1.     A tableau server data source, which is an EXTRACT from Redshift, refreshed once a day
      2.     A workbook connecting LIVE to the extracted tableau server data source


      Even though my connection is LIVE, it connects to a Extract on Tableau Server Data Source, so it is not a live connection to the database.


      To improve dashboard performance, I have been told to EXTRACT the EXTRACTED tableau server data source into my workbook, before publishing my workbook to the server.

      Question 1. Does this make sense?

      Question 2. If I do that, will my dashboard get updated automatically with latest data when my data source is refreshed? (Since I'm no longer connected LIVE to an extract on Tableau Server)