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    Date Filter, Relevant vs All Values

    jon rios

      my workbook connects to 8 different datasources, has 120 sheets and 10 dashboards....


      I have a date field (has 10 quarters of data on primary datasource) that i also use on Columns and as a filter is assigned to 75 different sheets as a global filter and used in 8 dashboards as a filter drop-down....


      when i select "Only Relevant Dates" it shows all values, 2061 Q1 thru 2018 Q2, a total of 10 values.  If i select "Only values in Database", it only shows 3 values...  can anyone explain??


      does it take into account the values that ALL datasources have in common and only show the 3 common values among all datasources???




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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jon,


          Did you find a solution to this issue?  If not, could you share more information about those 8 data sources and how they relate to each other in use within Tableau?  Are they all Joined?  Are they used with Datablending - 1 source at a time? 


          All values in datasource is what it says - all the values available in the use of that field in the datasource selected.